During the winter, when the European climate takes a “dip”, visit Oman where the sunshine dawns on Arabia. Experience the unique heritage of an Arabian culture, nature and hospitality!
One of the most interesting attractions of Oman is the beauty and diversity of landscapes. It varies from craggy mountains to deep canyons including dried river beds (Wadis), impressive oases with lush coconut palms and tropical vegetation, deserts with golden sand, majestic forts and castles from ancient times of glory, endless quarters with unbelievable emptiness, steep escarpments of mountains at the beach Which give you a picturesque atmosphere and long white sand beaches with crystal clear turquoise blue water.
Besides the attractive range of natural and cultural attractions with Palaces, Souqs, Markets, Museums and proverbial hospitality of Arabian culture…

Outbound Tours

  • Dolphin Watching One of the most unique activities in Dhofar is the dolphin watching tour. Oman coast is a year-round
  • Dune Bashing Experience the “biggest sand desert in the World” by rambling on fascinating sand dunes.
  • Fishing Enjoy Fishing in Dhofar in a very special way with us, our fishing itineraries covers the Regions of