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Combine the highlights of the East and West Salalah in a single full day trip. Visit the most popular cultural heritage sites and natural attractions of Dhofar. This is a tour of everyone’s taste, adding all the aspects of an informative and joyful experience. Whether it is about different terrains, landscapes, lifestyles, natural attractions, religious places, ancient architecture or cultural heritage, this tour has it all.


The excursion begins in the morning with a visit to the old fishing village of ‘Taqah’, famous for the manufacture of ‘Dried Sardines’ & its traditional & old  ‘Dhofari Houses’.

Visit the century old ‘Taqah Castle’, the former official residence of the ‘Wali’ (Governor) of the region & obtain a glimpse into the rich history of the region.

Continue onto the ancient ruins of the once famous city of Sumharam (Khor Rohri). The city was the easternmost outpost of the Hadramawt Kingdom on the ancient incense route between the Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf and India. Khor Rori was an important port on the coast of Dhofar, and one of the major trading cities with frankincense, believed to have been the hub & harbour for the shipping of Frankincense (UNESCO World Heritage site).

On the way back to western Salalah, explore the ‘ever green Wadi Darbat’ for a relaxing stroll along the Wadi bed, surrounded by herds of Camels, Goats & Cattle. In the Khareef season (monsoon period), one could also witness an almost 100m natural Waterfall, spreading its ‘tentacles’ into numerous lakes & lush green Vegetation.

Thereafter proceed to ‘Qara’ mountains to explore the western part of Salalah.

On a road steadily winding up a steep incline, herds of Camels & Cattle are a common sight which gives a scenic view of a traditional Dhofari rural beauty. Visit the ancient tomb of ‘Prophet Job’ situated in the scenic green mountains of the Salalah Plains. Experience the legendary story of Prophet Job and his devoutness.

Proceed to the beach of Mughsail where the white sand touches the deep blue of the ocean & at high tide, where waves burst through the natural titanic ‘Blow Holes’, at the far end of the ‘Rocky beach’ with a cave-like entrance.

Continue along the ‘Hair-pin-bend’ road towards Western Border of Oman, with its breathtaking cliffs on either side, to see the historical ‘Frankincense trees’ growing in their natural habitat, deep down in the valleys, dotting the dry & craggy countryside.

Take a short walk into the valleys to smell the ‘Holy Incense’ amidst the scenic view of the region.

Return to the hotel.


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A full day excursion to Salalah East and West

Tour code: AFT08

Duration: ca. 8 hrs.

Distance: ca. 260km return tour


  • Taqah Castle
  • Sumhuram Ruins
  • Wadi Derbat
  • Jobs Tomb
  • Blow Holes at Mughsail Beach
  • Frankincense Trees

Services included:

  • Visits to the places of interest as per the program
  • Air conditioned vehicle with English speaking driver cum guide.
  • Still drinking water on board
  • Lunch

Following are not included in the Service:

  • Entry fees
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Lunch (can be provided as picnic or at a local restaurant)
  • Expenses of personal nature


  • This tour involves walking over rough and inclined ground
  • Guests should wear comfortable but decent cloths (No sleeveless or No shorts) by visiting religious places
  • Ladies must cover their head with a scarf when visiting Job’s Tomb and all guests must remove their shoes inside.

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