Around Dhofar

6 days Round trip in Dhofar. This is an extensive tour that covers all the highlights in Dhofar region. You will be stunned by the variety of Landscapes, rich culture and the enchanting nature during this epic journey.


Day 1. Salalah city – Job’s Tomb.

Leave the Hotel and proceed to visit “The Museum of the Frankincense Land”.

Opened in July 2007 at Al Balid Archaeological Park, a UNESCO heritage site located in Salalah, the Frankincense Land Museum is the latest addition to Oman’s heritage and cultural scene. (Opened Sun – Thu 8:30 – 20:00, Fri – Sat 15:00 – 20:00)

It houses two main halls, namely the History Hall, depicting the geography, history of the ancient Frankincense trail and the historical background of the Sultanate through a number of archaeological findings, and The Marine Hall, featuring displays about the development of Oman’s rich marine history. A complete history of the Maritime trade & ship building industry of Oman could be experienced here, with meticulously carved replicas of the ancient boats & ships of the Omani Maritime trade.

Drive through lush green plantations of vegetables & fruits. Make a brief stop to taste a fresh coconut water drink at fruit stalls (at own cost) lining the streets within the periphery of the old Salalah town (Haffah). Make a Photo stop at the impressive Sultan Qaboos Mosque.

View the Official Palace of His Majesty the Sultan (Al Husn Palace) & stroll through the old Haffah souk, famous for the sale of high quality Frankincense & numerous other Dhofari traditional souvenirs. The smell of frankincense fills the souk. Haffah souk is very attractive with its small shops lined up with straight piles of incense boxes, clay incense burners colorfully decorated with traditional patterns and bags of incense crystals.

Drive towards the Qara Mountains. On a road steadily winding up a steep incline, herds of camels & cattle are a common sight, which gives a scenic view of a traditional Dhofari rural beauty. Visit the ancient tomb of ‘Prophet Job’ situated in the scenic green mountains of the Salalah plains. Experience the legendary story of Prophet Job and his devoutness. Return to Salalah. Overnight in Salalah

Day 2. Taqa castle – Sumhuram – Wadi Derbat – Sink hole – Jebel Samhan plateau

Start the tour in the morning by 4X4 vehicles, on a full day safari into the Dhofar Mountains.

The excursion begins with a visit to the old fishing village of ‘Taqah’, famous for the manufacture of ‘Dried Sardines’ & its traditional & old  ‘Dhofari Houses’.

Visit the century old ‘Taqah Castle’, the former official residence of the ‘Wali’ (Governor) of the region & obtain a glimpse into the rich history of the region.

Continue onto the ancient ruins of the once famous city of Sumharam (Khor Rohri). The city was the easternmost outpost of the Hadramawt Kingdom on the ancient incense route between the Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf and India. Khor Rori was an important port on the coast of Dhofar, and one of the major trading cities with frankincense, believed to have been the hub & harbor for the shipping of Frankincense (UNESCO World Heritage site).

Then drive into the ‘ever green Wadi Darbat’ for a relaxing stroll along the Wadi bed, surrounded by herds of Camels, Goats & Cattle. In the Khareef season (monsoon period), one could also witness an almost 100m natural Water-Fall, spreading its ‘tentacles’ into numerous lakes & lush green Vegetation.

Next stop is one of the world’s largest Sink Holes (211 m deep & 150 m in diameter), situated at Tawi Attair – also known as the “Well of Birds”, who frequent this location, the year through.

Continue journey into the mountain range of Jebel Samhan to a breathtaking plateau at a height of almost 1700m. This location is commonly known as the ‘Grand Canyon’ of Dhofar, gives one a complete view of the east coast to the one side & the vast ‘Qara’ mountain range to the other.

You will be hosted to a sumptuous picnic lunch during this tour.

After lunch continue the journey from the plateau into the adjacent ‘Qara’ mountain range & drive through scenic Jebali villages & landscape, with numerous photo stops at interesting locations.

Return to the hotel and overnight in Salalah

Day 3. Sadha – Hasik – Shuwaimiya – Camping

We start the tour in Salalah and continue along the coast to Shuwaymiah passing the coastal villages such as Sadha, Hadbin and Hasik. On the way, we can see hundreds of frankincense trees on the road side .The journey from Hadbin to Hasik is a breathtaking event. Passing through the coastal road, the view of the Jabal Samhan Mountains and the steep limestone hills which have been eroded since millions of years and the beautiful carved rocks along the seashore is a panoramic view. Hasik’s chain of hills is broken by Wadis and small creeks with sandy beaches. The cascading waterfall from the top of the limestone hills at ‘Natif’ is an attraction for tourists. In earlier days, Hasik with its unique harbor was well known for merchants trading frankincense and it was used as a place where the traders meeting to exchange their goods and finally transporting to East Europe, Yemen and India.

Arrived in Shuwaymiah take a walk in the spectacular landscape in the Wadi with a small waterfall. Overnight camping in Wadi Shuwaimiya. Enjoy a unique camping experience amidst a breathtaking landscape.

Day 4. Marmul Oil fields – Rub al Khali desert – Desert Camp

In to the Empty Quarter. Before you pass Shalim, stop at a fantastic viewpoint if you are not scared of heights. You will see the Dhofars oil fields by passing Marmul and arrive at a Farm amidst a deserted area. After visiting the farm (Optional, subjected to the opening hours) continue the tour along the tarmac road towards Shisr. Arriving the sand desert in Al Hashman, where the sand dunes emerge more picturesque and more spectacular, our experienced driver will drive up the hills in the most thrilling and exciting manner to show you an example of driving with force in the sand popularly known as Dune Bashing. In Rub Al Khali, enjoy the exciting and thrilling driving tactics in the fine sand of Arabian Desert.

Enjoy a beautiful sunset over the sand dunes before you reach our camp site. Arabian Coffee and traditional dates are also served on arrival at the camp. Later you will be served a delicious dinner and Shisha (the Arabic water pipe).  Overnight in Hashman camp. Permanent basic camp.

Day 5. Ubar – Wadi Dauka – Back to Salalah

After the breakfast, served at the camp early morning, proceed to the ‘Lost City of Ubar’ (UNESCO World heritage site). This legendary ancient kingdom, known as Ubar, was said to have existed in one of the most inhospitable places on earth – a vast and forbidding Rub Al Khali desert, appropriately known as the Empty Quarter. According to myth, the desert swallowed up Ubar. Quite literally, it sank without trace -becoming the fabled “Atlantis of the Sands.” This once buried city, which was spotted by satellite, gives you a glimpse of the value of work carried out by a team of explorers in 1982, led by Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

Drive into Wadi ‘Dawka’ (UNESCO World heritage site), known as the ‘Frankincense Wadi’, which is also well-known as the biggest collection of the naturally grown Frankincense trees in the region. Experience the Frankincense and its use in the past as well as in the modern World.

Return to Salalah by noon. Check in to the hotel

Day 6. Ayn Sahalnoot – Wadi Ayun – Mughsail – Fizaya beach

Start the tour in the morning after the Breakfast by 4×4 vehicles towards Ayn Sahalnoot. Ayn Sahalnoot is one of the most attractive natural sprigs in Dhofar region, surrounded by astonishing landscapes with natural rock formations. The year around active spring provides sufficient water and is a famous spot among locals for leisure. Visit the turquoise blue pools of Wadi Ayun amidst the craggy mountains. This secluded place is one of the hidden treasures of Dhofar’s Wadi landscapes.

Proceed along the beach of Mughsail where the white sand touches the deep blue of the Indian Ocean. A drive along the ‘Hair-pin-bend’ road with its breathtaking cliffs on either side takes you to one of the most attractive Beaches in Dhofar, The Fizayah Beach.

Experiencing the beach environment is the wonderful experience in everyone’s life. Beaches are the spots to just warm up your minds. Here the Fizayah Beach will add an unforgettable memory to your Oman tour. There is golden sand at the beach and it gives a more beautiful look to the beach with the pristine turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. The Beach is bordered with wonderful landscape of Mountain cliffs together with typical desert flora.

Spend a relaxing time at Fizaya Beach. Enjoy the environment, serenity and the Sun at the Arabian Sea.

Return to the Hotel in Salalah by evening.


Tour details

Duration: 6 days/ 6 nights

Tour code: AFT47

Operative days: On Mondays on following days





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Services included:

  • Visits to the places of interest as per the program
  • 6 nights’ accommodation in selected hotels/camps as per the program with Breakfast
  • Accommodation in double rooms/twin rooms with Bath/Shower & WC
  • Entrance fees according to the program
  • Air-conditioned vehicle with English speaking driver cum guide (separate guide for groups above 10 participants). 4×4 Jeep tours on days 3,4,5 and 6
  • Still drinking water on board
  • Meals according to the tour program as mentioned above (B = Breakfast, L = Lunch/Picnic Lunch, D = Dinner)

Please send us your inquiry along with your travel details to get the seasonal rates for this tour!

Minimum number of participants: 6

Maximum number of participants: 22


  • Please pay attention to the local customs of taking photographs. No photography/filming allowed at the Museum. Your guide will advise you the particulars.
  • Guests should wear comfortable but decent cloths (No sleeveless or No shorts) by visiting religious places. All guests must remove their shoes before visiting religious places inside. Please pay attention to the specified dress code by visiting Grand Mosque from inside.



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