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Trekking in Salalah

Tour Details

If you are a nature lover and have the time and energy to trek, do not miss the opportunity to see the spectacular beauty and the unique landscapes of Dhofar region. Visit the remote areas of the region in the slowest and most intimate manner – walking. It requires more time and effort, but the rewards are also greater. Each step of your trek provides new and intriguing viewpoints. You will perceive your day as an entity rather than a few highlights strung together.

Popular Treks for hiking

  • Taiq cave Trek
  • Mughsail and Fizaya Trek
  • Jebel Samhan Trek
TREK 1 – Taiq cave Trek

Start: 09:00 hours
Walking time about 3 -4hours
We start the tour in the morning with the jeep in to the Dhofar Mountains to the crater of Taiq cave. From there, we walk to the crater rim until we reach the cave entrance. With a little luck, we see porcupines or Mountain shrews. The astute observer will also not miss one or the other fossilized shells, to be seen on the mountain massif. From there begins the descent to the Taiq cave. The cave has a height of about 50 meters and a depth of about 60 meters. There you can watch bats sleeping after their nocturnal hunting, swallows passing the air and the water dripping on stalagmites.
Small picnic at cave entrance. We return thereafter.
On the way back we admire the baobab trees and make a photo stop at the sand dunes of Mirbat beach.

TREK 2 – Mughsail and Fizaya Trek

Start 09:00 hours
Walking time approximately 1 hour
In the morning we drive to the West on the road to Mughsail, where we will stop at the end of a spectacular bay where you will see the “blowholes “, which blow -meter high sea water fountains out of the rock at the high tide.
Then drive to the famous “zigzag road”. Arrived in Wadi we will take a walk in to a narrow valley, which is home to old Frankincense trees.

Walking time 1 -2 hours
There is a narrow switchback up the slope and back down to the direction Fizaya. Due to the erosion by rain fantastic rock formation can be seen along the valley. Wild frankincense trees, Euphorbia, Cactus and desert roses along the way are a common sight.

The highlight is the stay at one of the most beautiful beaches of the Bay of Fizaya with picnic lunch, where we can refresh ourselves with a swim in the Indian Ocean.

TREK 3 – Jebel Samhan Trek

Walking time approximately 4 hours
You should not miss the highest mountain in the region, Jebel Samhan. In the morning, we drive up to the plateau, at 1700m, Passing the path with flourishing desert roses and centuries-old Dragon trees. On the top we turn onto an off road track, passing an old marble quarry towards the escarpment.
From there, our experienced leader will find the way, which brings us to the path. We climb down to get on the path, which stretches parallel to the mountain. There we find infrared cameras set up for the mountain leopards! This nocturnal animal can be found in these mountains, one of its last natural habitats.
Under an old tree, we will have picnic and then we climb back up the mountain.
A grand finale of the tour is the visit of one of the largest sinkholes, Tawi Attair. With 211 meters of depth and a diameter of about 100 m it is the largest of the southern Arabian Peninsula.

TREK 4 – Wadi Derbat and Ayn Athoom Trek

Walking time about 3 -4 hours
In the morning we drive first to the Taqa plateau from which we had a beautiful view over the bay of Taqa. Sea turtles, dolphins and the rays can be seen frequently immersing themselves in to blue sea across the bay.
From there we drive to the entrance to Wadi Derbat, surrounded by herds of Camels, Goats & Cattle. In the Khareef season (monsoon period), one could also witness an almost 100m natural Water-Fall, spreading its ‘tentacles’ into numerous lakes & lush green Vegetation. From there we have a great panoramic view over the valley. Then we walk deeper into the Wadi. It is the greenest and most fertile valley and is therefore frequented by bigger herds of camel and cattle. Under a centuries-old tamarind tree, you will enjoy a picnic lunch.
In the afternoon, we drive to Athoom springs. While this dried up during the dry season almost completely, four waterfalls plunge into the ravine during the rainy season. What remains is an impressive series of stalagmites, which run through the rocks.

Season: This tour is available the year around. Free booking available for private tours.

Tour Specifications: Tours start generally at 8:00 am • This tour is customizable for group tours • Minimum group size of 6 • Maximum group size of 26 • Minimum age 6 years old • Tour guides in different languages are available for private tours

Included: Visits to the places of interest as per the program (3 days) • Air-conditioned vehicles with English speaking driver by 4×4. • English speaking Tour leader • Picnic lunches as per the program • 3 bottles of water per day

Not Included: Gratuities • Extra transfers • Hotel Accommodation (However this can be booked on request) • The optional day with Wadi Derbat Trek • International / Domestic flights

Please Note: This tour can be split in to individual days as well; as per the request of clients • Please pay attention to the local customs of taking photographs • This tour involves walking over rough and inclined ground • Maximum number of Pax in a 4×4 vehicle should be 4, due to the safety regulations

What To Bring: Sunscreen • Steady shoes • Comfortable walking clothing • Hat • Possibly a light jacket ( for Jebel Samhan ) • Light trekking backpack with enough space for the picnic lunch and water bottles

What To Wear: Please ensure you dress respectfully.