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  • Horseback riding

    Join with us on the most interesting trails in Dhofar with an active horseback riding tour. Over recent years, this new attraction becomes established and popular in Salalah and its surrounding. Enjoy the amazing landscapes and nature of Oman in a different style.

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  • Dolphin watching

    One of the unique activities in Dhofar is the dolphin watching tour.  Oman coast is a year-round home to 21 different species of whales and dolphins (Family- Delphinidae) and a dolphin watching tour is your ticket to viewing them in their entire natural splendor.  One of the most memorable activities you will take part in while visiting Dhofar with us.  Share the thrill of meeting dolphins in the wild and experience the unique bond and kinship they inspire in humankind.

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  • Western Dhofar

    Enjoy the Western Dhofar by a jeep safari in a full day trip. We will be heading west out of Salalah driving across the rocky coastal plain beneath the mountains. This tour offers some superlative views down the coast, with a long white-sand beach backed by the dramatic limestone mass of the Jebel al Qamar. Experience the serenity of the rural life in Oman. You will enjoy the scenic ride towards the western border of Oman, full with its nature and beauty.


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  • Wild Camping

    If you have been thinking of Wild-camping in Oman, desert and the mountains of Dhofar are the perfect places to take the plunge. Let our expert guides lead you to the perfect camping holiday. Along with our years long experience, we provide all the necessary gear for a perfect wild-camping holiday. Camping tours are tailor-made and customized to the need of the customer.

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  • Batinah region

    Visit the Batinah region in a half day tour, the most cultivated region of the northern territory of Oman. Most of Oman’s population were in that region, because of the green plains between the Al Hajar Mountains and the sea. Witness the century old forts, nature and the rural life of Oman

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  • Jebel Shams & Nizwa

    Visit Jebel Shams, the Sun Mountain of Oman in full day trip from Muscat. Jabal Shams is so called because it is the first place to greet sunlight at dawn and the last to say farewell at dusk. This is the highest peak in the Arabian Peninsula, rising to an altitude of 3,004m above sea level, and has a number of versants (slopes) and summits.

    Visit Nizwa, one of the oldest cities in Oman. Witness the countryside lifestyle of the Omanis.

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  • Sharqiya Sands

    Visit Sharqiya Sands in a full day trip from Muscat. Sharqiya Sands are considered among the most visited desert areas in the Sultanate and extend over an area of up to about 10 thousand square kilometres. The Sand colours range from red to brown as far as the eye can see. It is the original homeland of the Bedouins. Witness the breath-taking landscapes of the famous oasis Wadi Bani Khalid.

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