Western Dhofar


Western Dhofar

Enjoy the Western Dhofar by a jeep safari in a full day trip. We will be heading west out of Salalah driving across the rocky coastal plain beneath the mountains. This tour offers some superlative views down the coast, with a long white-sand beach backed by the dramatic limestone mass of the Jebel al Qamar. Experience the serenity of the rural life in Oman. You will enjoy the scenic ride towards the western border of Oman, full with its nature and beauty.


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Today we are traveling all day to the west towards the Yemeni border. At Rysut, on the outskirts of Salalah enter the road to Yemen, passing the port of Salalah. After 30km, you reach the beautiful bay of Mughsail with its lagoon and the 6 km long beach. After brief stop at beach, we continue our journey into the mountains.

Just 10km after Mughsail enjoy the landscapes on a breathtaking mountain road via hairpin bends and you reach the highest plateau of Jebel al Qamar with fantastic views of the coast and the sea.

The road leads us through a wide Wadi, where you can see the historical ‘Frankincense trees’ growing in their natural habitat, deep down in the valleys, dotting the dry & craggy countryside.

Take a short walk into the valleys to smell the ‘Holy Incense’ amidst the scenic view of the region.

On the stretch of the hilly plateau, we encounter herders with their camels before we drive again down through the mountains and lush vegetation. We come to the coastal area and visit the fishing village of Dhalkut.  Visit a rare Baobab tree, located in Dhalkut. Experience the daily life in a remote fishing village of Oman.

We drive from Dhalkut through the mountains back to the main road and continue towards Salalah, until we reach the Bay of Mughsail again at the early afternoon. Apart from the stunning views of the cliffs at both ends, the fountains (the so-called ” blowholes “) and the lagoon with its many birds are the attractions. The lagoon is an inviting habitat for many migratory birds from India, Africa and Europe, including flamingos. Sure, we have time to watch the birds.

We will enjoy a cozy afternoon in Mughsail Beach, before returning to the hotel.

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