Batinah region


Batinah region

Visit the Batinah region in a half day tour, the most cultivated region of the northern territory of Oman. Most of Oman’s population were in that region, because of the green plains between the Al Hajar Mountains and the sea. Witness the century old forts, nature and the rural life of Oman

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Visit the lively fish market and experience the atmosphere among the typical Arab merchants in Barka. Watch locals standing around the auction floor bid for fish of all colors, shapes and sizes, while fishermen land the night’s catches on the long beach outside.

Visit the old fort of Rustaq dating back to the 13th century. The small oasis Nakhal located at the foot of Al Hajar Mountains. Amidst the beautiful palm groves is one of the most spectacular stone castles in the world. Built in and on this mountain, this castle is an impressive masterpiece of Arabic architecture. Nakhal fort was built to protect the trade routes between Nizwa and the coast.

A little further, between the countless date and banana plantations, is one of the most famous hot springs in this region; Ayn Thowara. The water that flows through a small canyon creates a Wadi and an adjacent irrigation system (Al Falaj) channels the water in to the Plantations nearby.

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