Horseback riding

Join with us on the most interesting trails in Dhofar with an active horseback riding tour. Over recent years, this new attraction becomes established and popular in Salalah and its surrounding. Enjoy the amazing landscapes and nature of Oman in a different style.

Product Description

Our Guests will have the joy of being exposed to different types of terrains during their entire riding holiday. We welcome all ages. Inexperienced riders will always be led by an instructor.

Beach Rides

When you’re looking for an escape from the ordinary, book one of our horseback beach ride sessions. Walk, trot and canter on the stunning scenic beaches of Salalah. This beach rides takes up to 3 hours and available from 9:00 – 18:00 hours daily.

Plantation Rides

This is an all year round green track hidden between the famous coconut and Banana plantations in Salalah. It’s a 1 hour ride and we welcome beginner and advanced riders alike. Rides are available from 9:00 – 18:00 hours daily.



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