Enjoy Fishing in Dhofar in a very special way with us, our fishing itineraries covers the Regions of Salalah and Mirbat, and the scenic coastline of Sadha.
We are fortunate to live in an area that hosts such a wide variety of fishing opportunities. Beautiful coastal waters of Indian Ocean and an abundant variety of fishing spots are within a short drive of our location.

Whether you are fishing for fun, going after your first catch or seeking to break a record, world class fishing awaits you in Dhofar. The months between October and March are excellent to catch Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, Barracuda and Sailfish.  We remain dedicated to sustainable fishing methods.

Our fishing itineraries vary from Half day short trips to 6 days intensive fishing tours!

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Day 1: Salalah – Mirbat

Drive to Mirbat, one of the most famous fishing villages in the region. You may visit some of the tourist attractions in the area, if the time allows (entry may apply). Find the best place to set up your tents to settle down for night in Mirbat. Rest of the day is reserved for fishing in Mirbat. Overnight in Mirbat

Accommodation options: Hotel / Outdoor camping


Day 2: Mirbat – Sadah

Drive to Sadah, about 135km from Salalah and 60km east of Mirbat. Sadah was a trading port for exporting frankincense hundreds of years ago.   There are a number of smaller villages, beaches and cliffs along the shores of Sadah.  Sadah is one of only a few places in the world where the practice of diving for Abaloni oysters is still continued today. Be prepared to enjoy the local way of fishing. People in Oman generally fish using handlines, which is the custom for most of the Arab Gulf region in general. It is rare to find someone fishing with a rod in Sadah. Stay overnight in an outside camp in Sadah.


Day 3: Sadah – Hasik

In the morning, drive to Hasik, a small village south of Oman, a 2 to 3hr drive from Salalah (200km from Salalah). The village is famous for being one of the best fishing destinations in the world. Here you can find all kind of fish all year-round. The best part of course is being able to turn your catch over to one of the local restaurants who will prepare you a tasty meal.


Stay Overnight in Hasik or return back to Salalah if you do not wish to continue the tour with Part 2!


Day 4: Hasik – Shuwaymiya

In the morning, drive to Shuwaymiya. Shuwaymiya is a fishermen village that has a beautiful sandy beach 30 km in length and one of Oman ‘s probably most spectacular Wadi; Wadi Shuwaymiyah. The wadi forms a huge snaking canyon, sided by dramatic vertical cliffs of white limestone. The scenery is fascinating and quite breath taking and the canyons form a natural refuge for wildlife. Hyaena, ibex and gazelle are among many other mammals to be seen and Green Pigeons can be found roosting in wild fig trees, while owls call at night. There is a wealth of scenery, wildlife and pleasure awaiting the guests of Shuwaymiya. For sport anglers there is also the constant promise of discovery of fish species. Overnight camping in Shuwaymiya in a permanent camp or outside.


Day 5: Shuwaymiya – Hallaniyat islands

Early morning take a 1 hour boat ride to Hallaniyat and its sister islands which consist of 4 islands and several rocky outcrops. These islands provide plenty of fishing spots, spanning over 50 miles between the first and last island. It is truly a serious destination with serious fishing in different type of terrain to test anglers to their limits. One can be fishing on shallow reefs, sheer cliffs, exposed wrecks and rock piles in the middle of the ocean, absolutely fantastic and breathtaking.

Besides GT fishing, the light tackle action is equally first class with Shari (Spangled Emperor), Jacks, Queen Fish, Golden Trevally…

Furthermore, these islands are haven for migratory birds and marine life. Turtles breed there and there are large dolphin populations. The water is warm all year round and the underwater world offers dramatic scenery, close contact with nature, and great opportunity for exploratory snorkeling. A lucky few have even seen whales underwater and snorkeling with dolphins is a hobby of those who have taken time to get to know these intelligent marine mammals. Seabirds and shorebirds found along the entire coast enrich the nature’s beauty. Overnight stay at Hallaniyat islands or back to Shuwaymiya.


Day 6: Hallaniyat islands – Shuwaymiya – Salalah

Drive back to the mainland by Boat. Return to Salalah



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