Al Fawaz Tours (AFT) was established in the year 1989 in the Governorate of Dhofar (Salalah), Sultanate of Oman. The Head Office of AFT is centrally located in the City of Salalah. The main branch of AFT is located in Muscat

What we do

Al Fawaz Tours is a Destination Management Company based in Sultanate of Oman offering extensive tours & travel related services all over the country. This includes special holiday packages, Hotel reservations and round trips. Al Fawaz has the pioneer and predominant expertise in providing services in the most promising southern Oman; Salalah and Dhofar region.

Strategy & Vision

Our Vision is that Oman Tourism Industry will be growing as a sustainable industry which:

  • is recognized globally as a destination which offers a range of unique niche nature and culture tourism experiences
  • generates significant investment and employment through profitable business opportunities and subsequently the development of the economy
  • celebrates, protects and enhances our unique cultural heritage and natural environment by showcasing these attributes
  • provides visitors with an enjoyable, distinct and memorable experience
  • demonstrates partnership and collaboration across all stakeholders
  • provides a broad distribution of benefits improving the lifestyles of rural and urban communities

Mission statement

Our goals are to improve the superstructure and the wide variety of tourism based services in Sultanate of Oman. Well-targeted marketing activities designed to establish the region as a major tourism destination, sustaining its own values, developing further professional development of the business.

AFT will enhance the development, marketing and sustainability of Tourism in partnership with the industry, government and community, and these are some of the goals we hope to achieve;

  • Offer educational tours that inspire people to be more responsible global citizens
  • Financially support the local community and the work of our partners as well as being financially sustainable as a tour operator
  • Design our tours with input from local communities
  • Provide travellers with authentic opportunities to experience more of Oman’s culture than what is typically offered in other tour packages
  • Serve as a model tour company, both in North and in the South of the Sultanate and to help improve the tourism industry in the country
  • A complete superstructure in southern Oman in order to establish a well-recognized, sustainable and last long tourist destination

We would be happy to tell you what we are currently working on to improve in ourselves and in our tour offerings, just contact us!

Products & Services


AFT presents an array of holiday activities in Sultanate of Oman

  • Excursions in Northern Oman
  • Excursions in Southern Oman
  • Holiday packages in Oman
  • Round trips
  • Country crossing and Adventure tours
  • Sea Excursions
  • Camping experiences, especially in Rub Al Khali desert
  • Nature based activities such as hiking and trekking
  • Tailor-made tours and activities


  • Transfer services
  • Visa arrangements
  • Hotel reservations
  • Guiding services
  • Event management
  • Rent a Car services
  • Cruise operations
  • Charter flight destination management

Please refer our annual product catalogue for detailed products and services


AFT implies a quality policy in all our services and products, promising their customers a quality service of international standard.